Samsung SyncMaster 173P and 172X reviews

Quote from the review at Extreme Overclocking News:

“The SyncMaster 173P is an evolution of the earlier 171P model. The 173P has more and better features, is slightly redesigned, and seems to have corrected many of the flaws of the previous models. This display brings many key features to the table and delivers them in a great package. With a 700:1 contrast ratio, the 173P has the highest contrast ratio of any LCD panel we have tested. Most are between 300:1 and 500:1. Couple this with the 173P’s stylish looks and Samsung Warranty and we get excited.”

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“Finally, the 172x has a feature called “MagicBright”. There are three preset brightness and contrast combinations made available to you – “Text”, “Internet” and “Entertain”, with “text” mode the least bright and seemingly lowest contrast mode, to make the screen easy on the eyes when working in text mode. Next is “Internet”, with a brighter and more vibrant setup, designed to make pictures on the Internet more bright and better contrasted, whilst still allowing text-mode to be readable. Finally, the “Entertain” mode, which is the brightest and seems to have the highest contrast – I actually found this mode to be TOO bright in my naturally/incandessantly-lit study, though I think I’d have less trouble with it in a room lit with fluorescent lights. “

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