Samsung SyncMaster 173P LCD Monitor Review

Quote from the review:

“Everyone has heard of LCD monitors, many own them and the rest of us envy their desk space, but what makes an LCD monitor so desirable? Are they an improvement over CRT? Well, Samsung’s monitors are among the best in the world, so the standards are being set high today as we dive into the world of LCD monitors. Today we’ll be looking at a brand new LCD monitor from Samsung that has not yet been released, the SyncMaster 173P. The SyncMaster 173P was built with the following three things in mind; Slim, Simple, and Stylish. This monitor is one slick piece of work. From the silver bezel, to the beveled edges and trim, to the simple, understated but sleek fashion, this monitor has good looks. However, good looks can only go so far, want to know how the SyncMaster 173P stands up against fast action games? Read on!”

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