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Samyang's cinema-level lenses continue to grow with a new 20mm option

samyang xeen 20mm announced
Samyang’s pro-level cinema lens line is filling out — on Monday, the company announced the eighth lens in the series, the XEEN 20mm T1.9.

Like the other seven lenses in the series, the XEEN 20mm T1.9 is designed for high-end video, particularly for pairing with cameras hitting or exceeding that 4K resolution. Samyang says that all the lenses in the series have declicked gear rings in the same exact locations — so swapping out lenses when using video rigs with follow focus isn’t so much of a hassle.

The 20mm addition to the series captures a 94.8-degree ultra-wide angle on a full frame camera, but since the lens is designed to cover a 24mm x 36mm area, it’s compatible with five different sensor sizes. On a Super 35, the lens covers a 75.31-degree angle but will adapt all the way down to a micro four-thirds sensor with a narrower 56-degree angle of view with a different mounting system. The XEEN lenses sell with variations for the compatible mounts, including PL, Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony E and micro four thirds.

The latest XEEN lens uses a bright T/1.5 aperture. That aperture is designed with 11 blades for smooth, round background bokeh.

The lens also uses a metal construction. Samyang says the 114mm front, durability, and declicked aperture make the lens an ideal option for high-end films.

The 20mm joins a 14mm, 16mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm, bringing the XEEN lens lineup total to eight since the series was first launched in 2015.

The latest XEEN 20mm T/1.9 will launch worldwide next month. The recommended retail price is 2,200 euros, which translates into roughly $2,353. Along with the different mounting options, the lens is also available with a metric or imperial scale on the focus ring.

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