Sanyo Debuts Three New Dual Camera Camcorders

Electronic giant Sanyo has introduced three new “Dual Camera” camcorders for the U.S. market, each offering the capability to shoot 1080 60i high-definition video and act as a high-resolution still-image digital camera. And even better, the VPC-GH2, VPC-CG102, and VPC-CG20 won’t put huge strains on consumers’ wallets.

Sanyo VPC-GH2 camcorder

“Ultra-portability coupled with Full HD videos and high quality photos in one camera make them perfect for capturing life as it happens,” said Sanyo North America’s consumer products group general manager Tom Van Voy, in a statement. “Sanyo’s new Dual Cameras deliver a number of next generation features at an incredibility affordable price. Consumers are going to be blown away.”

Sanyo’s dual cameras are all thumb-operable for easy one-handed operation, and the GH2 and CG102 sport a new proprietary “double-range zoom” technology that combined a wide-angle and telephoto zoom for video and offers up to a 12× zoom with the ability to switch between zoom ranges. (In contrast, the CG20 carries a conventional 5× optical zoom). The cameras store photos and video to SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory cards.

Sanyo VPC-CG20 Camcorder

The VPC-GH2 features a horizontal form factor and a 2.7-inch LCD viewfinder display; it handles 1080o 60i video and 14 megapixel stills, and features “face chaser” and “target a color” functions for automatic tracking while shooting video. The unit sports a mini-HDMI port for pushing video to bigger screens, and is compatible with Eye-Fi wireless-enabled media cards for transferring images and video wirelessly. The VPCCG102 has the same video specs as the GH2, but features Sanyo’s pistol-grip design with flip-out 2.7-inch LCD display, while the VPC-CG20 handles the same 1080 60i video with the pistol-grip form factor, but steps back to 10 megapixel still images and that 5× optical zoom.

Sanyo says the new camcorders should be available in March, with the GH2 and CG102 carrying suggested retail price tags of $229, while the VPC0CG20 will go for just $199.

Sanyo VPC-CG102 camcorder