Say hello to the $1,000 app that lets your iPhone record video in 4K

Recording video with your iPhone 5S currently maxes out at 1080p. Not looking to remain satisfied with such low-resolution footage, the folks at i4software released a $1,000 app that lets you record in 4K.

Having received Apple’s blessing, even with that gargantuan price tag, Vizzywig 4K lets you record, edit, and distribute 4K video. The app only works for the 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5S that run iOS 7. The reason for the iOS 7 requirement is iOS 8’s Burst Mode, which lets you take pictures at a clip of 10 images per second. According to i4software, iOS 8 do not meet the requirements of the app.

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The seemingly-weird requirement stems from how Vizzywig 4K works. 4K video recorded through the app is composed of a series of 4K photographs that are shot at 24 images per second, far above the limit placed by iOS 8. These images, taken at the full 8 megapixels, are stitched together, creating an uncompressed 4K-quality video. As such, you can edit each individual frame to your heart’s content. You can also create title slides, scrolling credits, and transition effects within the app, with audio separately recorded and synced later.

i4software hopes that the iOS 8 Burst Mode limit is fixed in future builds of the OS, but in the meantime, if you have a 32GB or 64GB iPhone 5S running iOS 7 and have $1,000 laying around, you’re more than welcome to give the app a download.

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