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Flying is for suckers! These new mini-submarine drones take a GoPro underwater

seawolf 360 vr mini submarine
While shooting without someone behind the camera is normally a job for the drones (or robots), Seawolf takes that concept underwater with mini-submarines. Now, the latest addition to the Seawolf line takes the 360 experience underwater.

The submersible take on drone photography isn’t new, but the Seawolf line tends to make the idea a bit more affordable with systems that use a mount for a popular camera like a GoPro instead of a built-in rig. The company, TTRobotics, introduced its GoPro subs last year with two versions, one for sea and one for fresh water.

The Seawolf VR360, still in development, incorporates the Luna, a 360-degree camera popular because of its small size; and uses a GoPro and goggles to navigate. While the sub can’t dive quite as deep as the other options, it’s still capable of heading down about 80 feet.

The rig’s top speed is 2 knots — that’s ocean-speak for a little over 2 mph. Weighing over 20 pounds, the mini-sub is still a bit hefty to use.

The company also recently introduced the Seawolf Chrome, which is controlled with an iPhone or iPad via Wi-Fi instead of the traditional joystick controller. The Chrome has an operation range of about 160 feet.

The Seawolf Deep Sea Challenger, also yet to be released, is capable of heading nearly 200 feet under water.

With the VR360, Chrome and Challenger still in development, there’s no word on price yet. The Seawolf Sport, designed for freshwater use with a GoPro, sells for $999. The VR360 and Challenger, with a few more features, will likely be priced a bit higher, while the lack of a controller could potentially put the Chrome a bit lower.

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