Check out this pro skier’s stunning 360-degree video shot with a ‘selfie string’

As skiing videos go, this has to be one of the most awesome we’ve seen yet. Forget your helmet cam or follow-me drone – all pro freeskier Nicolas Vuignier used to nail these stunning results was an iPhone 6 and a piece of string.

Granted, the Matrix-style effect took “two years of tinkering and tweaking” to finally achieve, but as you can see from the remarkable footage, Vuignier’s perseverance with his phone and “selfie string” paid off in spades.

So how did he do it? Beyond tying his iPhone to a piece of string and swinging it around his head, we’re not entirely sure, though we’re eager to see the promised making-of video that’s coming soon.

iphone string 1
Nicolas Vuignier
Nicolas Vuignier

“No iPhones were harmed in the making of this video,” the 25-year-old Swiss native says in his YouTube notes, a comment that presumably means no humans were harmed either. After all, considering the achievement, it’d be disappointing to learn that several slingshot-launched smartphones had taken out a few skiers during the many trial runs Vuignier must’ve taken to perfect the routine.

The final results are as entertaining as they are breathtaking, with the slow-motion footage creating an effect that many far more experienced action shooters will be keen to learn more about. No doubt many of them are already in the back of the closet looking for that ball of string.

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