Shoot smooth panoramic videos with Polaroid’s Eyeball Head gadget

shoot smooth panoramic videos with polaroids eyeball head gadget polaroid ball 2

Polaroid’s new Panorama Eyeball Head ($50) is a gadget that lets you make 360-degree panoramic photos and videos easily with your existing cameras. The battery-operated device works with compact and DSLR cameras, smartphones, GoPro action cams and small camcorders, or any capture device with a screw mount, and is controlled through an included remote.

The Panorama EyeBall Head spins 360 degrees in either direction, and the steady rotating capture helps software (in-camera or post-edit) better stitch photos together to create a seamless panoramic image (although anything in fast motion will look weird; it’s best for still images), or a smooth video – without shaking from your hands that mars the photo or video. Rotational speed can be adjusted with the remote, as well as timed intervals, and a 75-degree position. Legs flip out to rest the ball on a surface, but the unit can also mount onto a tripod.

Any small camera with a tripod mount can screw onto the top. An adapter for phones is included.
Any small camera with a tripod mount can screw onto the top. Adapterd for phones and GoPros (shown above) are included.

The rechargeable battery has a five-hour standby time, or three hours when in use. The camera mounts right on top of the ball, while included adapters let you attach a GoPro camera or smartphone.