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Plastic surgeons are using Snapchat to broadcast patients going under the knife

snapchat videos for plastic surgery doctor
Snapchat has proven itself a more versatile app than many once thought. Although it is still predominantly associated with Millennials and celebs looking to broadcast their every move, an increasingly diverse number of people are being attracted to the app. As detailed by its VP of content, it’s time for us to shed our preconceived notions about Snapchat, and the best way to do that is by following some of its weird and wonderful users.

Among the niches appearing on the app are a handful of plastic surgeons using it to attract future patients. The idea behind their adoption of Snapchat, which forms part of a larger social media strategy, is that live videos of operations can help people shed their fears in regard to having work done. It goes without saying that the real-life broadcasts aren’t for the squeamish. For Dr. Matthew Schulman, the approach seems to be working.

A board-certified plastic surgeon with his own practice in New York City, Schulman began using Snapchat about a year ago, reports Fox News. Estimating his workload at around 35 to 40 surgeries per month, Schulman claims that around 90 per cent of his patients allow him to broadcast their operations on the multimedia-messaging app. Stills from the procedures also make their way onto Schulman’s Instagram page, with notifications regarding the images tweeted out carrying the necessary “graphic material” warning.

Lipo by Dr. Schulman.To see live surgeries like this, follow on #snapchat #bodybySchulman nycplasticsurg

— Matthew Schulman MD (@nycplasticsurg) April 11, 2016

How exactly does Schulman pull off his broadcasts when his job requires intense focus and, we’re guessing, both of his hands? Rather wisely, he lets a nurse or medical assistant take care of recordings from his Snapchat account, which can be followed under the handle, ‘nycplasticsurg,’ in case you’re thinking of tuning in.

“I think plastic surgeons are recognizing it’s an important social media platform, but I don’t think every plastic surgeon has the patience or the desire to do this because it does take some effort,” Schulman remarked. “I’m educational, but we’re not over the top.”

A number of Snapchat’s most famous users have reportedly gone under the knife, including Kylie Jenner. The 18-year-old model and social media influencer has come under fire in the past for allegedly inspiring young users of the app to follow in her footsteps and get work done. Can the superficial side of social media also make stars of the plastic surgeons used by celebs? Schulman’s growing fan base, which totals thousands of users across several platforms, may just hold the answer.

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