Google debuts Snapseed Android app and drops the $5 price tag


In Instagram’s wake, you may have forgotten that Google+ acquired Nik Software for its for-pay photo sharing app, Snapseed. To compete, Google finally launched the Android version of the app, which had been in the works for quite some time. Along with the Android app, Snapseed is dropping its price tag to become a free app. 

We got an early glimpse of the Snapseed app in action for the Android when Google Senior Vice President of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, snapped some early shots using the as of then not-yet-released version of app. The first and only needed clue to confirm the existence of the Android app was that the post was tagged with “Snapseed.”

Both the iPhone and Android versions are now entirely free to download (it previously cost $5). Google might not admit that the Snapseed acquisition was fueled by the ongoing threat of Instagram’s popularity, but the freemium model is evidence that Google is here to play in the photo sharing space.

“We’d been in the photography space for eons, I was at Nik software for 12 years. We went through this whole process with creating these professional products, and thought, ‘how do we bring it downstream to the consumer world?’ Where is this space for us. Instagram and Hipstamatic are great, but there’s a spot in between those and Photoshop. We wanted to build tools that include high quality photo editing experiences and make it simple,” former Nik Software Product Manager and now Google’s Senior Product Manager Josh Haftel told TechCrunch.

Aside from the iOS app being free, the app now offers a new Google+ sharing integration feature, which has been added alongside support for sharing images to Twitter and Facebook. Other updates to the iOS app include a new filter called Retrolux, and an updated Frames filter.

You can find the Snapseed iOS app here and the Android app .