Sony beefs up video and ISO in QX ‘lens cameras,’ updates PlayMemories app

sony beefs video iso qx lens cameras updates playmemories app cyber shot qx100 premium  style camera 4

If you bought one of Sony’s new Cyber-shot QX “lens cameras,” there’s are some major updates coming your way in late January that will add additional shooting features. Designed to complement smartphones, the QX100 and QX10 will get Full HD 1080p video recording. ISO for the lower-end QX10 will increase to 3,200, while the QX100 will see a boost of ISO 12,800 (should you want to deal with the noise levels at higher ISOs in low-light shooting). The QX100, which uses the same guts as Sony’s awesome RX100 II, will get shutter priority as a shooting mode (currently it offers just auto, program, and aperture priority).

The PlayMemories app, which is used to control the cameras from an iOS or Android device, is getting an update as well. A new photo browser, “Quick Viewer,” lets you easily switch between shooting and playback modes, and iOS devices will see quicker connections. Android speed update will come in Spring 2014. The PlayMemories update is already available from their respective app stores.

(Via Engadget)