Sony Brands New D-SLR Line “alpha”

Sony today unveiled a new brand name related to its upcoming line of digital single lens reflex (D-SLR) cameras due out this summer. The line, which is a result of a transaction between them and Konica Minolta related to the latter exiting the camera business, will use the name and symbol of alpha.

alpha (the company will use the actual symbol “alpha” as part of the brand), said Sony, with its meanings of “beginning” and essential”, “embodies the spirit of Sony’s approach to the D-SLR market”. Sony plans to produce a complete camera system, including accessories and lenses. The new D-SLRs will integrate “advanced electromechanical technologies” which include “CCD and CMOS imaging sensors, as well as other image processing technologies”. Also key to the new line will be product miniaturization.

Owners of existing Konica-Minolta cameras and gear will not be left out in the cold as Sony said they will continue to handle support and repair service through a dedicated call center and Web support. Those with lenses and accessories will reportedly be able to use them with Sony’s new digital camera line.

“We are expanding our product portfolio to build upon our leadership position in the digital imaging business,” said James Neal, director of marketing for digital imaging products at Sony Electronics, in a statement. “Our approach to D-SLR camera design and engineering will allow us to offer a new high-performance system for today’s digital camera users, as well as welcome the millions of Konica-Minolta owners who have Maxxum interchangeable lenses that are currently in the market.”