Sony coming out with NEX-3 upgrade?

sony coming out with nex 3 upgrade 3cThe Sony Alpha NEX series debuted last year and made fans out of DSLR and point-and-shoot photographers alike. We reviewed the NEX-5 and were impressed by both the camera’s size and high-quality images, so when Sony discontinued the device’s fellow camera, the NEX-3, we were a little disappointed. The NEX-3 was definitely a little overshadowed by the NEX-5, but the less expensive camera was still plenty impressive – not to mention $100 more affordable. So you can understand why we’re excited that a successor device from Sony may be on its way.

Fan blog Sony Alpha Rumors has gotten its hands on some supposedly leaked images of the new NEX model, called the NEX-C3. Check out the alleged specs:

  • 16.2 megapixel sensor (which is the same as the Sony Alpha A55 DSLR)
  • Upgraded external flash
  • HD video capability; dedicated video record button
  • Tilt-enabled LCD display

If that doesn’t get you excited, maybe news of the NEX-7 will. No pictures are available as of yet, but it should be introduced in July and start shipping in September. It’ll likely have a new, higher quality chassis and expanded manual controls, as well as a 24-megapixel sensor. All that upgrading will cost you though: It should run around $1,300 with lens kit. For now, let these NEX-C3 photos tide you over:

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