Sony Sued Over Digital Camera Technology

Ampex announced Monday that it has filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, seeking an exclusion order barring Sony Corporation from the importation and sale of digital still cameras and personal digital assistants (PDAs). At issue is a claim by Ampex that Sony’s with digital image storage and retrieval capabilities substitute an unauthorized use of the company’s intellectual property.

According to Ampex, the company has been in active negotiations with Sony and other major manufacturers of digital still cameras in an attempt to negotiate commercially acceptable running royalties on future shipments as well as payment of royalties on shipments for prior periods and has offered to license  its digital still camera patents. In May 2004, the Company initiated litigation in the ITC and  the District Court for the District of Delaware against another major manufacturer of digital still cameras and cell phones with digital image storage and retrieval capabilities. The Company may seek to enforce its patents by instituting additional litigation against other manufacturers if licensing agreements are not completed in the near future.