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Mirrorless photographers can shoot strap free with Spider's holster system

The SpiderLight Holster and Backpacker
A Kickstarter from a familiar brand is helping mirrorless shooters to go strapless — After only 24 hours, the SpiderLight Camera Holster is just $500 away from reaching its crowdfunding goal.

The holster system revises Spider’s popular DSLR holster to fit smaller cameras, designed specifically for mirrorless as well as lightweight entry-level DSLRs. The all-metal clip attaches to a belt clip for easy, secure access without a neck strap. The same clip is also tripod compatible with quick release ArcaSwiss mounts.

The SpiderLight Backpacker follows a similar concept, but attaches the camera to the strap of a backpack or messenger bag, adding a small strap to secure the lens and keep the camera from bouncing around. The backpack mount is also compatible with GoPro cameras for shooting POV videos.

Since the system is designed specifically for smaller cameras, Spider Holster says users can still access the camera’s battery and memory card compartments at the bottom. The holster clip weighs just three ounces.

The ball joint-style clip also includes a lock for more security, which can be disengaged in less strenuous environments for quicker one-handed access.

The SpiderLight can be worn with a plain belt, or using the SpiderLight belt to use the system with lens pouches to keep more gear easily accessible. Spider’s belt system also has a new memory card organizer, introduced in the Kickstarter, that can stash both memory cards and small items like a smartphone and business cards.

The Kickstarter also introduced the Spider Monkey, a sticker system that holds small accessories that weigh up to 1.5 pounds. The stickers give small items a knob that hooks onto a small belt clip for easy access to any accessories light enough to be trusted to hang on with just a sturdy adhesive.

The basic SpiderLight belt clip is going for an $80 pledge, and adding the backpack clip brings the price to $115. A dual-camera system with two hip clips, a belt, and the memory card organizer will cost early backers $190.

Spider Holster is aiming for a $30,000 crowdfunding project — and just another $500 in pledges is all that’s needed to reach that goal.

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