Subaru’s breathtaking VR rally car video takes you on a ride with champion driver

Subaru is the latest outfit to dabble with virtual reality, launching a breathtaking 360-degree video shot from one of its rally cars at last month’s Lake Superior Performance Rally in Michigan.

In the front seats are 2015 Rally America Champions David Higgins and Craig Drew, belting along at full speed in their Subaru WRX STI rally car.

You can watch the six-minute drive using the Subaru Motorsports app or simply by checking out the YouTube version at the top of this page. However, for the best experience, strap on a VR headset and sit tight.

It’s a pretty stunning piece of footage, with the slightly elevated perspective allowing you to peer down on the drivers as they steer the car through a tight course with thick forest on either side, just meters away. Of course, part of the fun is  taking in the surrounding view (by dragging the picture with the mouse), though it actually feels a little disconcerting to take your eyes off the track at such high speed, though trust me, you won’t crash if you do.

The best view can be had by positioning the camera midway between the steering wheel and the oncoming course, allowing you to witness driver Higgins tackle every twist and turn as Drew, pace notes in hand, communicates what’s coming.

Commenting on the release of the video, Subaru marketing manager Rob Weir said, “This evolution of our 360-degree video capability puts the viewer even closer to the driver’s seat.” It’s true, Subaru’s fabulous VR footage offers one of the best rally experiences you’re like to get without actually climbing into one of the racing cars yourself.