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If you’re in Texas, you can worship at the feet of a statue celebrating selfies

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Sugar Land/Facebook
Many people have been immortalized in statue form all over the world, but the latest addition to the Town Square in Sugar Land, Texas, has caused a bit of a stir. The statue doesn’t portray a controversial figure, but shows two people engaged in a very common activity — snapping a selfie.

Made from bronze, the statue has two women adopting a slightly crouched pose, and smiling at a smartphone held out in front of them. It’s part of a ten-piece collection currently being displayed around Sugar Land’s public spots, each apparently showing activities that are often seen in the parks. The selfie statue in the Town Square is joined by another of a man playing a guitar.

A divisive activity at the best of times, the selfie statue has attracted plenty of online hate, with local residents taking to social networks to make sure everyone knows how they feel about it. The selfie is often considered to be a vain, egotistical activity, serving no purpose other than self-promotion. The irony of expressing a personal hatred of the statue on Twitter, after having posted selfies themselves in the past, has been lost on many, including:

Those complaining about taxpayers money being used on such frivolity will be happy to discover the statues are a donation, but may not agree with the designer’s intention to “enrich the artistic, cultural, educational, and historical character of Sugar Land.” The statues are part of a larger project to find art that “beautifies the city,” and will be officially unveiled at a special ceremony to be held at a later date.

Will the Sugar Land selfie statue eventually be seen as a modern age landmark, and will people make a pilgrimage to snap a selfie with it, like a Millennial version of Jim Morrison’s grave in Paris? Only time will tell.

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