Survey: 76 percent of Brit Facebook photos snapped while drunk, 25 percent don’t mind who sees them

survey 76 percent of brit facebook photos snapped while drunk 25 dont mind who sees them drinkerEveryone knows there are a fair few photos on Facebook that show people three sheets to the wind, but just over three-quarters of all pictures? That’s the figure photo book website came up with after asking 1,781 Brits aged 18 and over how many of their Facebook pictures showed them under the influence of alcohol.

It’s a large figure, 76 percent, and one that over this weekend will no doubt get even larger as hungover office workers across the nation begin uploading pictures from Friday night’s company Christmas parties.

The results of the survey also revealed that more than three-quarters had mischievously tagged potentially embarrassing photos of friends so that others would be alerted. It won’t come as too much of a surprise then that more than 90 percent of the Facebook users questioned in the survey had deleted tags on some photos because they were simply too embarrassing to share.

Despite the potentially risqué nature of some of their photos, privacy settings appeared to be lax for some users, with 25 percent saying they allowed anyone to view Facebook photos in which they were tagged. That’s anyone. Like their boss. Or the person looking through their résumé wondering whether they should call them for an interview.

Of course, that fact that so many photos show people in a state of drunkenness will come as little surprise to some. Brits are known to like a drink, young people are the most active users of Facebook, young people are the most likely to drink, and they’re the ones most likely to go to parties and take photos – of course there are going to be pictures of people sloshed, and plenty of them.’s Rebecca Huggler commented on the survey’s findings, saying, “We’re all guilty of going out and having a good time, but nowadays the photos inevitably catch up with us online, so we wanted to look at how much these photos dominate our presence on social media sites.”

She added, “The thing to remember is that most photos are taken on special occasions or get-togethers with friends and family.”

The British appear to be big fans of the seven-year-old social networking site, with around 30 million people – or half the entire population – now signed up.

[via Telegraph] [Image: Julien Tromeur / Shutterstock]