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Peak Design just made changing lenses fast and easy with this tool

When we use our interchangeable lens cameras out in the field, annoyingly we would have to stop and find a place somewhere to swap lenses. We’ve tried juggling lenses in our arms – an intricate dance of squeezing one lens under an armpit while you twist off the other – and it isn’t pretty, not to mention the risk of dropping them. During that moment, we wish we had Peak Design’s new CaptureLENS and Lens Kit accessories, a lens-carrying solution that lets you easily switch glass.

The CaptureLENS is a standard Capture accessory that clips onto a belt, bag, camera strap, or backpack strap. Unlike existing Capture products, the CaptureLENS doesn’t have a plate for a DSLR. Instead, it comes with the Lens Kit, which has mounts on two sides, and it twists around to facilitate lens swapping. The Lens Kit is also available on its own, for people who already own a Capture clip; Peak Design says not all current Capture clips support the Lens Kit.

Here’s how it works: When it’s time to remove the telephoto off your DSLR, detach it from the camera and mount it onto one side of the Lens Kit. Attached to the other side is a macro lens; simple turns the whole thing around, and you can detach the macro lens and mount it onto the camera. And, you can perform the action using just one hand. (Watch the video to see the whole thing in action.) The concept is very similar to the Lens Flipper from GoWing.

The Lens Kit is available for Canon (EF and EF-S), Nikon (F), and Sony (E) mounts. As of now, the only way you can get it is through Peak Design’s Kickstarter campaign for its Everyday Messenger bag, which means you’ll have to back the campaign and then add another $40 for the Lens Kit and $80 for the CaptureLENS. If you are already a supporter, you can still add either accessory by managing your pledge.

Peak Design says it hopes to ship the CaptureLENS and Lens Kit in December, but that may get pushed to early 2016. If you don’t want to support the campaign, the accessories will be available in retail, for $10 more (each) than the Kickstarter prices.

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