If you really must, it’s possible to buy a strap to fix your tablet to a selfie stick

tablet selfie stick strap news

When you’re at a concert, visiting a landmark, or wandering around any big city; what are two of biggest photography-related annoyances regularly encountered? Almost universally, we’d expect the dreaded extended selfie stick poking everyone in the face, and the view-blocking use of a massive tablet to take pictures, to be right up near the top of everyone’s list.

selfie-stick-tablet-featureWell, good news! In the future, these two could be combined into one, excessively irritating accessory. Behold, it’s the tablet selfie stick. On sale through AccessoryGeeks, it’s a thick, heavy duty strap and clip for attaching a tablet to a selfie stick, because sometimes, squinting at a phone screen just isn’t cool. What’s much cooler is holding a giant tablet way out in front of you, ready to bash some unsuspecting pedestrian over the head.

The strap is made of rubber, is adjustable so it can also secure a smartphone, and uses a standard 1/4-inch mount for sticks or tripods. Handily, the strap has a hook so it can double up as a support for your tablet, if you want to hang it on the wall — a little like the Lenovo Yoga Tablet. It’s recommended you only attach a tablet to a strong selfie stick, otherwise it may result in a very expensive accident. It would give onlookers a laugh, though.

Tablet-sporting selfie fans need pay out just $10 for the strap, but will have to supply their own stick, or pay $19 to get one with a sufficiently strengthened pole. A small price to pay if you really want to look like the guy in the picture above.