Tango launches (and pulls) new app that creates short slideshows with music

tango launches pulls new app creates short slideshows music pix

After forging a partnership with Spotify, recently raising $280 million in funding, and launching a gaming fund, Tango, the company behind the app that combines messaging with voice-over-IP calls and videoconferencing, has a new app called Tango Music Pix, which mixes music with photos to create a short slideshow. The company released the app briefly, but it has since been pulled – possibly because either it wasn’t ready and someone accidentally pushed it, or bugs were found.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to attach a song to that selfie to convey your mood (maybe Foreigner’s I Want to Know What Love Is with that duckface?), well now, there’s an app that lets you do that. Tango Music Pix creates a 30-second slideshow with photos and music. And because the music comes through via Spotify, you have a lot of tunes to choose from. The app also handles photo editing automatically, and you can share completed slideshows via email, social media, or Tango’s messaging app.

While Tango Music Pix is a new app, the original Tango messaging app already allowed users to play 30-second song clips in messages. But as Musically.com points out, a Japanese social app called Line has a similar version (Line Music), as does its Korean counterpart, KakaoTalk (KakaoMusic). TechCrunch also mentions Sharalike and Flipagram as other similar services playing in this field, so perhaps Tango is getting into a new trend.

TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez had a chance to download and try the app before it was pulled. Perez notes that the app has issues, and is prone to crashing. But the cat is out of the bag, and now it’s just a matter of time before an updated version is released.

(Via Musically.com, TechCrunch)