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Tenba claims updated Roadie bags are uncrushable

tenba roadie uncrushable
Photography is an expensive profession and hobby. It is no wonder then that so many photographers are constantly looking for bags that better protect their gear from being damaged. Well, bag maker Tenba announced the latest update to its Roadie bag line, which was developed specifically with traveling photographers in mind and they make some pretty big claims about the new bags.

These new Roadie bags, which will come in five variations, are designed to fit the specific needs of traveling photographers and cinematographers. The series features many specs that will catch the attention of traveling pros — specs like a removable camera/lens module and mobile battery charger pocket. But of all the features and specifications that will catch their attention, there is the claim by Tenba that its carry-on model is shippable, checkable, and uncrushable.

This would no doubt be a huge selling point, as the safety and security of the gear inside can be counted on if — God forbid — something were to happen to the bag while it was in transit. Unfortunately, Tenba has not offered any further explanation on this claim, such as how it came to that conclusion or tests it performed. It will be interesting to see if the bag can live up to that claim one they hit the public.

Beyond the uncrushable carry-on model claim, Tenba announced that the bags will range in price from $320 to $480. The largest of the latest Roadie bags, the Roller 24, is designed to handle carrying up to two full-sized DSLR cameras with grips, eight to 10 lenses, and a 17-inch laptop. On the more affordable end of the spectrum, the entry Roller 18 model can carry two DSLR cameras, five to six lenses, and a 15-inch laptop.

These new Roadie bags from Tenba should start showing up in stores soon but in the meantime, you can head on over to the Tenba website to get all the details or to order directly from the company.

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