The Impossible Project adds a COOL line to its instant film collection

Impossible Project COOL Film

Despite the popularity of Instagram, it’s hard not to love the original, film version of instant photos from the era of the Polaroid cameras. If you still own a Polaroid and can muster up the will to splurge on these expensive film, you might be interested in The Impossible Project’s new Spring 2012 line featuring a warm undertone or a silver shade filter.

These special designed films are maintained in a temperature sensitive packaging that allows the film to be kept at its highest quality condition. If the box is too warm, the phrase “Keep Me Cool” will appear to indicate that you might want to place the film in a cooler area to maintain its shelf life. It’s like the opposite of Coors beer bottles that glow blue when it’s cold enough to drink.

The Impossible Project COOL Film

The Impossible Project’s Silver Shade line offers a more black and white to sepia effect to your photos, and you can adjust from your camera the level of darkness you want the photos. The Color Shade collection offers vintage filter tones that make your photos seem as if they’ve been sitting out in the sun a little too long, but adds a dreamy and timeless effect. The new line of films also allow for faster image development so the processing is even quicker than your usual couple of minutes.

Despite the fact that Polaroid cameras may be lacking in specs, the film boasts a heightened sharpness quality that produces in-depth photo levels and reduced blemishes. The line is launching today in stores and online for $24 a pack, or $67 for a triple set. Both come in models that fit the PX100 and PX70 versions of Polaroid cameras though The Impossible Project claims the film will fit most vintage Polaroids. Yeah, $24 is a lot to pay for eight photos but the novelty is still incomparable to digital Instagrams. Oh, nostalgia.