The Nokia Observation camera now available

Once mounted and connected to a power source, the Nokia Observation Camera is ready to provide information. The Nokia Observation Camera can be set to send images automatically to an MMS-enabled mobile phone or e-mail address at pre-determined intervals, when motion is detected or when an SMS command is sent directly to the device. The images are sent as multimedia messages (MMS). *   The compact and portable Nokia Observation Camera combines a digital VGA camera, GSM transceiver and MMS technology in the same unit. For additional functionality, the Nokia Observation Camera can also report ambient temperature via SMS or open a voice channel for live audio monitoring. An infrared light source enables picture taking even in low light conditions.   Businesses can use it for cost effective, real-time asset monitoring or even to provide visual information to customers, such as snapshots of a golf course for golfers. Consumers looking to add extra peace of mind to their lives will also find the Nokia Observation Camera both easy to install and convenient to use for example at home, summer cottage or on their boat.   “The Nokia Observation Camera is the first stationary product in our wide range of enhancements supporting MMS.  It is an example of a new type of Nokia product that has generated a lot of interest among customers. The Nokia Observation Camera offers new multimedia messaging possibilities and creates unique business possibilities in utilizing MMS related services,” said Janne Jormalainen, Vice President, Mobile Enhancements Business Unit, Nokia Mobile Phones.    The Nokia Observation Camera will be available for purchase in May 2003.