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ThinkTank gets ‘Naked’ with 2nd-generation Shape Shifter camera bags

Some of the most innovative camera backpacks on the market are those found in ThinkTank’s Shape Shifter series. Expandable in design, ThinkTank made its Shape Shifter backpacks to be as versatile as possible in order to better fit almost any gear and workflow you throw their way, using individual pouches for cameras and lenses.

But ThinkTank isn’t finished with its Shape Shifter backpacks yet. It has improved the versatility with an update. Deemed version 2.0, ThinkTank’s new Shape Shifter backpacks take inspiration from years of feedback given to the Californian company by photographers around the world.

The new series consists of three different sizes: the Shape Shifter 15, Shape Shifter 17, and Naked Shape Shifter 17.

Like their predecessors, the standout feature is the ability to expand the size of the backpack to fit your needs. When not in use, ThinkTank’s Shape Shifter backpacks compress down to only three inches, making it a flexible option for times when you might want to carry gear one day while leaving some of it behind the next.

As the name suggests, the Shape Shifter 15 camera bag is capable of holding a 15-inch laptop, as well as a gripped DSLR, three lenses, a 12-inch tablet, and then some. Likewise, the Shapeshifter 17 can hold a 17-inch laptop, while housing one or two gripped DSLRs, up to four lenses, a 12-inch tablet, and other camera accessories.

What sets the Naked Shape Shifter 17 apart from its clothed counterpart is the ability to add your own lens pouches. Rather than relying on ThinkTank’s placement of the neoprene pouches, the Naked Shape Shifter 17 allows you to attach ThinkTank Skin Pouches or Lens Changers to the inside of the backpack for added flexibility.

As for what they have in common, all three backpacks offer a detachable water pouch, YKK RC-Fuse zippers, a removable waist belt, a tripod attachment, and a rain cover for when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.

The Shape Shifter 15, Shape Shifter 17, and Naked Shape Shifter 17 are available now for $250, $280, and $220, respectively.

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