This gigantic fisheye lens makes all your camera accessories seem worthless

Nikkor 6mm f/2.8

A photography connoisseur knows that having many lens, filters, and miscellaneous accessories can add interesting effects to your pictures, making photography more varied and fun. But if you have about £100,000, or approximately $161,380 USD lying around, this Nikon fisheye lens could be the ultimate add-on.

Made in the 1970, the Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 lens weighs 5.2 kg, measures at 171 mm long, and has a diameter of 236 mm (11.5 lbs, 6.7 inches, 9.3 inches respectively). That’s pretty much about the width of a human face. When it launched, this Nikkor was considered the world’s largest wide angle lens, with the ability to capture photos at the size of 24 x 36 mm at an angle of 220 degrees.

“We came across it around seven weeks ago,” said Gray Levett, co-founder of the Nikon shop Gray’s of Westminster told AP. Levett found the impressive piece of glass on an overseas trip and is now selling the rare item at his London-based store.

Thanks to the extremely wide angle the lens can help produce, this Nikkor lens was primarily used for portraits and architectural shots. Only a few hundreds were believed to have been produced. Let’s face it: It’s not like this thing is exactly fun to lug around with its weight and unusual size.

And is the lens really worth six figures? We looked at the second best place to search for random old items and found another listing for a similar gear based locally in New Jersey. At $12,000 (or best offer), you can also own the 6mm f/5.6 version of this Nikkon fisheye lens via eBay. The seller won’t ship for obvious reasons and is “willing to travel,” so if you’re a huge collector or love Nikon products and have lots of cash to spare, we encourage you to have at it. In the meantime, you can also DIY yourself a $24,000 Holga if you’re more of a Lomography kind of person.