Vimeo launches video school to help you make awesome videos

Online video sharing site Vimeo, recently launched Vimeo Video School, with free tutorials to help make your videos better.

Vimeo Video School includes ‘Video 101’, a series of originally produced videos for beginners that covers step-by-step instructions on choosing the right camera, shooting tips and simple editing techniques.  The site also covers popular subjects such as how to shoot video with the increasingly popular HD DSLR cameras.

vimeo launches video school to help you make awesome videos

Lessons are short, simple-to-follow tutorials have been created to support and to inform people on a wide range of video-related topics. By combining videos, written explanations and photos, Lessons provide a more informative and detailed set of instructions that people can follow and then put into practice. Each Lesson ends with a Lesson challenge, giving the opportunity to practice the newly learned subject with oher like-minded members.

Aside from the Vimeo produced tutorials, the Vimeo staff has selected hundreds of user-generated video tutorials created by Vimeo members and organized them into easy-to-find categories.  Users can browse through tutorials to find those that best fit their level of experience and areas of interest.

“Vimeo has an amazing community of members who enjoy sharing their knowledge to help each other reach the next level, whatever that level might be,” explained Dae Mellencamp, General Manager, Vimeo.  “With Vimeo Video School we have created a structured extension of what our community members have done for one another for years – teach and share best practices.”

“Vimeo Video School is the next step in our continued commitment to provide a platform for people to learn from and inspire each other,” said Blake Whitman, Director of Community and Product for Vimeo “By aggregating well-produced tutorials made by our members as well as creating light-hearted and informative Lessons ourselves, we are making the process of creating videos easy and fun.”