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Take your photography to the next level of epic

How To Take Your Photography To The Next Level of Epic
Ben Vong Wong is known throughout the photography world for his incredible vision and portraiture. He has spent years developing his style and creative vision, all while sharing his process with photographers across the globe through his YouTube channel and website. Today he teamed up with Coop to talk about taking your photography to the next level of epic.

Von Wong’s process is simple: start small and work your way up into more complicated concepts and more advanced shots. The example he uses in the video involves the use of a reflector to add wind to your shot, or going a step further, buying a UV light and drawing designs on your model with highlighter to come up with some crazy cool effects.

Want some fire or explosions in your shot? Von Wong mentioned coffee creamer (the powdered kind) and a lighter as a great way to add some flame to any shot on a dirt-cheap budget. After considering techniques, he says mastering your location and backdrops is critical. In other words, get out of your studio and go shoot in the world. Test your knowledge, try new concepts, and push yourself.

Beyond that, Vong Wong suggests drawing out your photo concepts, which will help you have something to reference while out creating. It is also a great tool for showing others what you are thinking when it may be hard to explain. Next, he says to list your requirements. What tools will you need, what products, wardrobe, gear, etc. This is key to ensuring you have everything you need when it comes time to start shooting.

Finally, he notes the value of surrounding yourself with other creative and talented individuals to help you make your concepts a reality. No one can do it all on their own and having help makes things not only easier but that much more fun.

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