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Watch fireworks explode all around you in this GoPro drone copter video

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With the Fourth of July being just a couple of days past, most of you probably still have vivid memories of the fireworks show in your area. Watching fireworks means seeing colorful explosions in the sky from a distance. And as spectacular as they may look, we always see them from the same ground-level perspective.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all had Superman powers and could fly through the fireworks while they explode, to see what they look like from the inside? Well, actually we can, sort of. The bad news is, no, we didn’t come across a magic potion that’ll give you superpowers. But what we did come across is this amazing video of fireworks captured by a GoPro Hero3 action cam mounted to a DJI Phantom drone copter.

Stunning imagery, isn’t it? But we’re wondering if it really is such a good idea to fly a quadcopter into exploding fireworks. According to the creator of the original video, which dates back to May and has just been re-cut by GoPro for this year’s Independence Day celebrations, no technical equipment was harmed in the process. And seeing that the drone flew above the water, it probably wouldn’t have injured anyone, if it had been hit.

But still, flying a drone copter into fireworks probably isn’t something that you should try at home. So take another look at the video above, as you probably won’t see anything like it anytime soon again. And if you want to see more awesome GoPro fireworks footage, make sure to check out Jos Stiglingh’s original video on YouTube, which features just over 4 minutes of fireworks awesomeness.

(Via NoFilmSchool)

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