Wear your mirrorless camera like a revolver with Cosyspeed’s Camslinger bags

Earlier this year, German accessory manufacturer Cosyspeed introduced its new line of Camslinger bags that let you wear your mirrorless camera on your hip – like how the hero in a Western movie carries his revolver. At this year’s Photokina show in Cologne, Germany, the company will present two new color schemes in addition to the original design.

The Cosyspeed Camslinger bags were designed specifically for mirrorless cameras and claim to provide quick and easy one-handed access while being comfortable to wear. To that end, they’re equipped with a large belt that features a security lock, and a top flap that comes with a two-way locking mechanism. The main compartment of the bags can be adjusted in size and fitted with Velcro pads, and depending on the model, it will hold a standard mirrorless camera with a lens attached plus additional accessories such as a second lens, a charger, etc.

In addition to the Camslinger 105 and 160, Cosyspeed offers accessory bags that can be fitted to the belt, such as the Lensbag 80, the Stuffbag 30, or the Phonebag 135. For those who don’t like to put a shoulder or wrist strap on their camera, Cosyspeed offers the Fingercamstrap 10 that allows you to secure your camera to one or two fingers, for example your middle and ring finger.

The Camslinger 105 and 160 bags are made of durable materials and come in black with green applications and grey stitching. For those that prefer a more stealthy look, Cosyspeed is going to present the Camslinger 160 Street Edition at Photokina, which features an all-black design. Also at Photokina, the Camslinger 160 Paris Gray will be introduced, featuring a more elegant gray pinstripe texture.

Both the new Camslinger 160 Street Edition and the Camslinger 160 Paris Gray will be available this fall for $120, with the regular model already available for the same price. Cosyspeed’s products and more info available here.