What expensive camera filmed this 4K video of London? The iPhone 6S

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The latest iteration of the iPhone may not be a hit quite yet with consumers, as it is performing a bit under par when compared to its predecessors, but maybe this video will boost its popularity. Thanks to the creative minds at AmnesiArt, the true selling point of the iPhone 6S is being put on stunning display in a 4K video of England’s capital city. Filmed entirely on the latest iPhone 6S, the two minutes of footage capture all of London’s historical charm and modern grandeur in a variety of “cinematic, time lapse, and slow motion shots.”

The ability to shoot 4K video is a feature that is unique to the 6S within the iPhone family. The 8 million pixel capacity of such videos has been heralded by Apple as a major improvement upon its previous devices. And users seem to have been pleasantly surprised by the newfound capacity of the iPhone 6S when it comes to capturing moments in sharp detail. “We were … amazed by the 4K quality of the latest iPhone 6s,” said the AmnesiArt team.” With the right tools you can achieve gorgeous results.”

Using only three supplementary iPro Lenses (macro, wide angle and telephoto) in order to shoot their footage of a “Portrait of London,” the artists noted that the iPhone lens itself was “really sharp,” and theyeven used an iPhone app (Filmic Pro) to edit their final video. AmnesiArt also pointed out that they had no need to de-noise or color grade — “When you have great lights,” they said, “The quality of the iPhone’s sensor really shine!”

Other users have also put the iPhone’s 4K video recording capabilities to the test, but the AmnesiArt seems to be the most involved project released yet. Already, the video has received more than 50,000 views in the six days since it was first posted less than a week ago. Could it be? Has Apple’s self-described “most popular camera in the world” just gotten better?

Decide for yourself.