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What’s that slot in the picture frame for? You put your iPad in there, of course

You just replaced your iPad, but what do you do with your old one? One solution is to repurpose it as a photo-share system that’s more advanced than your average digital picture frame. That’s the concept behind the iSotto Frame, which launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.

The iSotto Frame is nothing more than a physical picture frame that looks like any you might find at Bed Bath & Beyond or T.J. Maxx. In fact, it works at a standlone frame that accommodates a 5 x 7 photo (a magnetic back cover makes it easy to swap photos). But there is a lot that lets you slide in any-size iPad to turn it into a digital picture frame. The idea here is to put an unused iPad inside permanently and play a slideshow from the iPad’s camera roll or an iCloud account, or use the frame as a place to store an iPad when you’re not using it for other purposes. (It could probably accommodate an Android tablet provided it has similar dimensions.)

This frame works with any-generation iPad. As a sturdy stand for an iPad, it can be displayed horizontally or vertically on a table, or hung on a wall. The iSotto encases the iPad, with openings for the various ports; there’s also a place to hide any connected cords. We wouldn’t use it as an ordinary iPad stand, as it crops out a bit of the screen.

The iSotto Frame is an ordinary picture frame, but slide an iPad into it and it becomes a digital one.

Unlike typical digital frames, your slideshows could automatically show the most up-to-date photos if you have the iPad connected to a Wi-Fi network and running on a cloud-service-based app like iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr, etc. Just think: You’ll never have to change out photos again! The video on Kickstarter shows a family on a beach taking photos and pushing them directly to their grandmother’s iPad. Of course, she notices the photo and admires it when it appears on the screen.

If iSotto surpasses its funding goal of $50,000, the company will tack on a stretch goal for developing its own app, although it hasn’t provided details on what this app is suppose to do.

There are several frame styles and colors to choose from, ranging from traditional to contemporary and modern, in a range of colors including espresso, bronze, champagne, and black. There’s a special edition in stainless steel.

The Kickstarter campaign runs through May 15. You can pledge as little as $29 for one, making it an affordable accessory to breathe new life into an outdated iPad. Shipping is slated for November 2015, if its campaign is successful and it’s able to manufacture them.

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