Wiral is a cable cam that takes GoPro videos to the next level

Cable cam systems create sweet video effects, but their price, size, and complex setup make them largely a professional accessory. One startup aims to bring the gliding motion effects of expensive cable systems to any user in the form of Wiral Lite, a cable system designed for compact cameras.

The system fits in a backpack, sets up in three minutes, and accommodates a number of different lightweight cameras, including our favorite GoPros and smartphones. The Californian company is working to bring the largely professional accessory to consumers with a mix of affordability and simplicity.

Wiral Lite is a motorized system: After setting up the cable around trees or posts, the camera trolley moves along the line using an included remote control. The system lets filmmakers adjust speed from 0.006 mph up to 28 mph, shooting for up to three hours on the built-in battery. A time-lapse mode also allows for moving time-lapses at three different speeds — letting anyone make incredible works of art. The company says the motor doesn’t create any distracting sounds.

The motorized body folds in, making it possible to tuck the system into a backpack, along with the winding cable. The motorized dolly weighs only 1.3 pounds, but it can accommodate cameras up to 3.3 pounds, including GoPros, smartphones, and lightweight cameras with a ¼-inch tripod thread. A 164-foot cable is included.

Developers say the Wiral Lite can help achieve drone-like effects in no-fly zones, as well as shooting in spots that are difficult to fly in because of tight spaces.

While cable systems are common video tools, most don’t have the easy setup, compact design or price of the Wiral Lite — factors which likely led to the Kickstarter gaining complete funding in just three minutes. The campaign has raised more than $800,000 and appears headed toward a million dollars, well past the original $30,000 goal. Now with over 3,000 backers, the Wiral went viral, and reached $200,000 in the first 24 hours.

The startup plans to begin shipping the Wiral Lite in March, but be forewarned: Crowdfunded projects often face delays, and sometimes that magic device never shows up. If manufacturing is successful, early backers can pick up the cable system for about $200. When the accessory hits retail stores, the company expects to list the cable camera system for twice that amount. The Kickstarter campaign is open until November 16.

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