Watch how Subaru used 25 GoPros, high-end cams, and stick bombs to create one epic video

wrx sti stickbomb video subaru 1

Whether it’s a TV commercial or a highlight reel played at an auto show, cars lend themselves naturally to amazing videos. To promote the new 2015 WRX STI, Subaru produced an entertaining video, called “WRX STI vs StickBomb.” Although it doesn’t reflect how well the car performs (or what it can actually do in real-life), it is a lot of fun to watch.

Rather than an expensive on-location shoot, to create the video Subaru downsized the production to a miniature track, inside a production studio. Through the course of the track were 30,000 stick bombs, and racing alongside them as they “exploded” was a remote controlled model of the WRX STI, specially created using 3D printing, in exact (rally) detail to the real thing. (If were a kid who owned an RC track when you were growing up, this would have been your dream.)

Just because it’s a smaller-scale production, doesn’t mean it wasn’t elaborate in shooting it. Several high-end cameras – some on cranes and stabilizers – were used to capture the chase scene, in addition to 25 GoPro camcorders to record the slo-mo, “bullet time” sequence. The Japanese studio that made the video took three days and nights of nonstop work. After a stick pattern was triggered, it had to be reassembled if the scene had to be shot again.

If you are wondering how they made it, lucky for us, the production company also created a “making of” video. Check out both clips below.

(Via PetaPixel / DIY Photography)