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A 60 fps, 4K action camera could be coming in 2017 from Yi Technology

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Yi Technology is expected to unveil an update to their original 4K action camera (pictured) with the 60 fps 4k+. Yi Technology
Action junkies could soon record 4K shots of their stunts at 60 frames per second — Yi Technology, a China-based company, announced plans over the weekend to unveil the Yi 4K+ at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Along with the new action camera, Yi says it will be flying the tricopter Erida for the first time in the U.S. during the event.

The company says the Yi 4K+ is the first action camera capable of capturing a 4K resolution at 60 fps instead of the standard 30 fps. Faster frame rates make quick motion appear smoother and also expand the possibilities for editing a shot into slow motion.

Yi, a self-described “challenger brand,” offers a line of affordable cameras — the 4K+ would be the company’s third action camera. Additional details are expected with the camera’s official unveiling.

“2016 has been a whirlwind of product launches including several new action and home security cameras, the Yi Erida drone, our first mirrorless camera the Yi M1, as well as an exciting partnership with Google to develop a virtual reality camera rig,” Sean Da, Yi Technology CEO, said in a press release. “CES 2017 is an important milestone for us as we look to demonstrate our full product line and reveal novelty solutions. As a challenger brand in the changing imaging technology market, we are constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries and set new standards for the global industry.”

Along with the action camera, the company shared additional details on the Erida drone. The drone is expected to be the fastest three-rotor drone on the market with speeds of up to 75 mph, the company says. Along with the quick speeds, the initial tests allowed the drone to fly for up to 40 minutes.

The camera drone also comes equipped with manual exposure adjustments, a gimbal and a sensor system for safer flights. The rotors also fold in for a more compact design, Yi says.

Both the Yi 4+ and Erida drone will be displayed at CES January 5 to 8 at the Las Vegas event.

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