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Zeiss lens lineup gains new pro-level manual focus primes

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Zeiss is expanding its high-end lineup with three new Milvus lens primes. Like the other six existing lenses in the series, the new 15mm, 18mm, and 135mm primes are manually focused lenses designed to be paired with high-end DSLRs.

With the addition, the Zeiss Milvus lens collection now encompasses a much wider range, as the latest lenses cover both the widest and longest options. The pro-level lenses use the manufacturer’s “T” anti-reflective coating that the firm says creates a characteristic “harmonious bokeh.” That same coating helps reduce flare and ghosting. Inside the lenses, a floating elements structure helps to compensate for imaging errors that occur as a result of shooting from different distances to the subject.

The three new lenses, along with the other Milvus options, are designed to be used for both stills and video. While the lenses do not include an autofocus motor, the large focus ring makes it easier to use with a follow-focus system. “Due to their extremely high contrast rendition, the lenses fulfill the most modern video standards, and have uniform color characteristics,” said Christophe Casenave, Zeiss product manager for camera lenses.

Milvus family


The ultra-wide angle 15mm lens, which offers a 110-degree field of view, comes equipped with a maximum aperture of f/2.8. According to Zeiss, the lens construction, with 15 elements in 12 groups, helps to minimize color fringing and distortion.

The slightly narrower 18mm lens has close focusing capabilities and is capable of capturing subjects as close as 10 inches from the lens front. Designed for landscapes and architecture, the lens has an f/2.8 maximum aperture.

The longest lens of the collection is the new 135mm f/2 telephoto. Despite the lens’ length, the 135mm still offers a close focusing distance of about 32 inches.

All three lenses are slated for release in October for F and EF mount cameras. With pro-level features (though missing that autofocus), the lenses are priced at $2,699 for the 15mm, $2,229 for the 18mm and $2,119 for the 135mm.

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