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Between the Streams: Tarzan whimpers, BFG stands tall, Tetris goes Hollywood

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A couple of “big” movie openings are happening over today’s holiday weekend, though neither of them are the new Independence Day sequel which landed with a thud a week early. No, the movies looming large this weekend (ok, we’ll stop) are The BFG (i.e. The Big Friendly Giant), the Steven Spielberg/Disney adaptation of the Roald Dahl classic, as well as the latest film to dig up the Tarzan story. The former, thanks to Disney and Spielberg’s touch, looks like it will be a hit, while the latter appears to have arrived DOA — at least according to the critics. We discuss both above.

However, there are much more intriguing — if not totally bizarre — films in the works that got some press this week. Those include some choices that would have seemed impossible even a few years ago, before the Lego Movie made it seem that almost anything was possible. The new Minecraft movie which will, interestingly enough, be directed by the It’s Always Sunny in Philedelphia creator Rob McElhenney, got a release date set all the way in 2019. The movie is expected to be animated, and there should be plenty of room for experimentation both in story and aesthetic thanks to the game’s open world, 8-bit design. Speaking of the Lego Movie, we got word on one of the megahit’s spinoffs this week, Ninjago, which brought on Fred Armison and Dave Franco to voice two of the film’s six ninjas, and Jackie Chan as their Splinter-esque master.

And then there’s the absolutely baffling Tetris movie, which we found out this week will not only be live action, but is also apparently so packed with epic storylines about falling blocks that it will be a pre-planned trilogy. We just … there are no words — though we’ll dig around for plenty on the air about this strange China-U.S. joint production.

We’ll talk about these themes, and much more, so tune in, or take our podcast on the road with you by following the links above!

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