Trends with Benefits: Robot abuse, Star Wars drone wars, best of MWC 2016

Apple’s epic showdown with the FBI is raging through week two. CEO Tim Cook refuses to acquiesce to the court orders, going so far as to say it is the equivalent of being asked to develop the software equivalent of cancer. A lot of confusing information is swirling around out there right now, so we attempt to clarify some of the specifics. You’ll also be surprised to find out which company did not do a good job of protecting their consumers.

Mobile World Congress just wrapped up in Barcelona, and the Digital Trends crew was all over it. The Top Tech of MWC 2016 awards have been given out and some true game changers were included. LG’s G5 won Best of Show, bringing the first mainstream modular cell phone to the marketplace. In addition, the Avegant Glyph just shot to the top of every home-theater fanatic’s wishlist.

It’s hard to do a show and not bring up a drone story, and this one comes from the set of Star Wars Episode VIII. Filming in Dubrovnik (which we hear is a wonderful city), Disney has hired a set of drone operators to combat other drones attempting to fly over their sets. They are worried about fans capturing behind-the-scenes footage of the movie, as it’s being shot. You know this “anti-drone” crew will be put to the test, and we can’t wait to see the drone-on-drone action.

Boston Dynamics put out one of its most fascinating videos yet this week. It showcases the next-generation Atlas humanoid robot. The best part is watching the robots withstand some abuse from human bullies. We’re sure our future robot overlords will use this video as an educational piece for why they conquered us.

Finally, the Oscars are this weekend, and Caleb gives us some of his predictions. The best reveal? There’s an 8-bit video game called Red Carpet Rampage that someone has put out. If you feel like taking a half hour to play as DiCaprio avoiding paparazzi while chasing his Oscar, click the link.

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