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Trends with Benefits: Google Daydream VR challenges Samsung, also Snapchat Sunglasses?

Our latest weekly episode of Trends with Benefits features Nick Mokey, Marcus Yam, Brendan Hesse, and Greg Nibler.

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Our topics this week:

  • Google Daydream VR challenges Samsung: Samsung’s Gear VR system has had a stranglehold on mobile systems, but Google is now ready to make a challenge. Not only has it introduced the Daydream platform, which other manufacturers will surely develop for, it also has the Daydream View headset.
  • Snap Inc. puts Snapchat on your face: Snapchat is looking to increase the amount of pictures you post with their new Spectacles glasses. They just went on sale at unique kiosks around the country and the resale price is skyrocketing online.
  • Digital Trends Outdoors and NASA jackets: Marcus lets us know about the ways tech is incorporated into outdoor gear and the great section at DT. Then he shows us a cutting-edge jacket by Oros Apparel that uses aerogel for insulation. Aerogel was designed by NASA and is even used in a new water bottle from Crio.
  • LED e-sneakers: Vixole’s product is billed as the world’s first customizable midtop e-sneakers. You can put virtually anything on them, and they are available for a pretty reasonable price. Will this soon become the vehicle for walking advertisements?
  • Sausage drone fiasco: An Australian man is in big trouble after filming a drone-sausage delivery to his friend awaiting in a hot tub. This sounds like the greatest possible use of technology, but there are a lot of laws and regulations that need to be worked out. How soon can we expect our own grill to hot tub drone deliveries?

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