Digital Trends Welcomes Tony Patel as New VP of Programmatic

PORTLAND, Ore., March 6, 2019 — Digital Trends, the world’s largest independent tech publisher, announces the addition of Tony Patel as their new Vice President of Programmatic. Patel, who’s managed yield optimization for such brands as Microsoft’s MSN and Yahoo! will lead significant expansions in Digital Trends’ programmatic advertising offerings.

Digital Trends, which receives 30 million unique visitors monthly, has continuously optimized access to their audience, which is primarily high-earning Millennials — a coveted demographic among advertisers, thanks to its collective buying power. Patel’s approach to digital publishing monetization is a combination of continual innovation and experimentation at scale and Digital Trends is excited to be on the forefront of growing its business in the disrupted and evolving media landscape.

“The publishing world is ripe for disruption from experimental programmatic strategies that have worked in other industries,” explains Patel. “I’m excited to break new ground in programmatic advertising alongside exceptional talent and executive leadership.”

Digital Trends banner viewability and pre-roll view-through rates are industry-leading according to IAS, which has helped the company maintain high sell-through that enables them to continually improve the programmatic ad experience.

Patel is a proven thought leader in digital monetization, having driven significant yield and revenue gains for some of the internet’s largest publishers in markets around the world, from both direct sales and programmatic advertising.

“Tony’s run thousands of innovative, large scale yield experiments and found many hidden indirect levers to affect ad yield,” says Digital Trends CEO Ian Bell. These initiatives include changing ad code, supply and demand side optimizations, ad server optimizations, ad tech tax minimization, and direct sales offering changes. “We’re thrilled for him to be bringing this creative power to our programmatic department,” Bell continues.

The addition marks Digital Trends’ first major hire in 2019, on the heels of a year rich in new talent acquisition.

About Digital Trends

Digital Trends is a leading consumer technology publisher helping people navigate an increasingly digital world. With easy-to-understand product reviews, entertaining news and videos, Digital Trends serves more than 30 million unique visitors each month. Digital Trends reaches more than 100 million tech influencers through their own media network, and its syndicate partners include Yahoo!, Oath, Flipboard, Cheddar, Amazon, FOX News and more than 200 broadcast news stations. Digital Trends is headquartered in Portland, OR with offices in New York City,Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto and Chicago. For more information, visit

About Tony Patel

At Microsoft, Patel successfully led the yield optimization of MSN (portal, Hotmail, and MSN Messenger) for multiple territories. Patel has also held positions at Yahoo!, where he led both the supply and demand sides of Right Media Exchange business for Canada; and The Weather Network, where he leveraged data assets to optimize ads based on live weather signals which grew to be one of Google’s fastest growing large publisher accounts globally for programmatic revenue earnings. At Postmedia Network, a group of over 200 newspaper titles, Patel innovated a Publisher Trading Desk concept and scaled it by partnering with Google to create a custom economic model as a pilot. The model was very profitable, drawing on demand from over 700 sales reps and driving major yield and revenue gains. Immediately prior to joining Digital Trends, Patel was Chief Yield Officer at Yieldmantics, a boutique yield excellence consultancy he founded to help enterprise-sized digital publishers unlock hidden revenues from existing audiences by leveraging his toolkit of over 50 proven advanced optimizations.

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