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Jeremy Kaplan on CNBC covering recent Twitter lockdown

This morning, Digital Trends’ Editor in Chief, Jeremy Kaplan spoke with CNBC’s Susan Lee about the reports that as many as 32 million Twitter usernames and passwords may have been leaked. Twitter claims that they have not been hacked on their end.
As Kaplan points out, “we are all to blame” for the easy access to this information. The dark web is a place for un-indexed sites, sites not associated with Google. It is here that malicious activities can occur including illegal trading of guns, drugs, and even usernames and passwords.

Consumers who use the same password for all sites are at a much higher risk of being hacked. No one is immune. Roger Goddell and Mark Zuckerberg were recently hacked due to their use of the same, simple password for all of their logins.

“Nothing is less secure today, we just haven’t taken necessary steps for online security that we should have taken decades ago,” says Kaplan.
Find out more about how to protect your online presence here.

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