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Best OTC Hearing Aids: Get Hearing Aids from Just $169

Last year we saw the FDA finalize its rules on over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids that don’t require a prescription, and many brands waiting for the change have now started selling their models online and in stores like Best Buy, Walgreens, and Walmart. These OTC hearing aids are less expensive, come in a wider variety of design options, and are certified to help with mild to moderate hearing loss. Let’s take a look at some  the best options currently on the market, like the Jabra Enhance Plus, and why they’re the picks worth picking.

Go Hearing Go Lite OTC Hearing Aids — $169

The Go Hearing Go Lite OTC Hearing Aids on a white background.
Go Hearing

If you’re new to learning how to buy over-the-counter hearing aids, you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to spend thousands to hear benefits. The Go Hearing Go Lite OTC Hearing Aids might only offer one preset but it gives users a reliable sound boost. Analog processing helps make sounds louder for when you need them to be with no complicated setup required. A volume control makes it simple to tweak the volume level just how you need it, while there are up to 30 hours of use per charge. It also comes with a portable charging case with magnetic contact charging, so you can charge the hearing aid up to six times via the charging case.

HP Hearing Pro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids — $699

The HP Hearing Pro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids on a white background.

FDA-cleared and with some very cool tech, the HP Hearing Pro Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids are worth the investment. They have Ear ID technology which measures your hearing levels and delivers personalized hearing amplification that is calibrated to your hearing profile. Alongside that, there’s active noise cancellation so ambient noise levels is reduced as needed. These hearing aids also promise to deliver up to a 30% improvement in speech understanding even when it’s noisy. Bluetooth connectivity also means you can use the aids to listen to music and audio from all your relevant devices. Battery life is lower than some others at eight hours but the charging case adds an extra 32 hours of charge overall.

Lexie Hearing Lexie Lumen self-fitting OTC hearing aids — $799

The Lexie Hearing Lexie Lumen self-fitting OTC hearing aids on a white background.
Lexie Hearing

As soon as you get the Lexie Hearing Lexie Lumen self-fitting OTC hearing aids, use the in-app hearing test to customize your hearing aids to get the best results. It doesn’t take long with the hearing aids automatically adjusting according to your profile. There’s digital sound processing along with a choice of six environment settings so you get a rich aural experience. They’re built for comfort too while there’s even sweatproof technology for the more active user. This is the non-rechargeable version but batteries last between 5 to 8 days which is convenient.

Jabra Enhance Plus Self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids — $800

The Jabra Enhance Plus on a white background.

The Jabra Enhance Plus are engineered for iPhone users looking for advanced medical-grade hearing enhancement. The earbuds have four microphones that have been specifically engineered to help you focus on what’s important, even in noisy situations. Because of working with your iPhone, they also pair perfectly for listening to music or taking calls. There’s a choice of three Listen Modes with Adaptive, Focus, and Surround. Adaptive adjusts depending on what’s going on around you while Focus is able to home in on sounds close to you, and Surround allows you to hear ambient noise. They’re incredibly small so they’re very comfy and discreet, while you gain up to 12 hours of battery life from one charge. In all, there are 35 hours of battery life via the charging case.

Sony Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids — $1,000

The Sony Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids on a white background.

Offering similar sound quality to traditional hearing aids, the Sony Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids pairs up with the Sony Hearing control app to help you set things up so you get a truly personalized experience. You can control the volume and sound quality via the app, but for the most part, the aids handle the hard work. With a built-in situation analyzer, the hearing aid automatically adjusts the sound based on your surroundings so you hear what’s important to you. A sleek design means you won’t feel self-conscious either. Rather than using rechargeable batteries, the Sony Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids uses traditional size 10 Air batteries that last around 70 hours before needing swapping out.

Eargo 5 Self-Fitting OTC CIC Hearing Aid — $1,490, was $1,650

The Eargo 5 on a white background.

The Eargo 5 is expensive but highly competent. Its Eargo app uses the Sound Match feature to screen your hearing before personalizing the aids to how you need them to be. If you’re uncertain, you can even start a conversation through the app with its team of hearing professionals. An open fit means that they don’t need to be ‘plugged up’ so you get a more natural listening experience while they’re so small that they’re virtually invisible while you wear them. You get up to 16 hours of battery life with the idea being that you put them on charge overnight. There’s a contactless portable charging case that gives you up to two days if you’re traveling and away from a power source.

Eargo 7 — $2,650, was $2,950

The Eargo 7 on a white background.

The Eargo 7 is the ultimate over-the-counter hearing aid right now. Recently launched, they offer everything you could need while leading a busy lifestyle. There’s Sound Match technology via the app to ensure your hearing loss is matched with the aid’s ability to amplify sound. You can also preset and store four personalized environmental programs to switch between. These could be for watching TV, sitting in a busy restaurant, or simply listening to music. On an everyday level, it also offers great battery life with the Eargo 7 able to provide you with up to 16 hours of battery life. Other features include Sound Adjust+ with a Clarity Mode so you can enjoy crisper speech from people you want to pay attention to rather than be distracted by ambient sounds. It’s a near-invisible fit too while it’s also able to deal with rain, and even jumping in the shower for a moment without thinking.

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