Qualcomm presents: A History of 5G

5G promises to bring a new age when our mobile devices are not only many times faster than ever before, but also virtually everything else is connected.

In the age of 5G, we will not be talking about a smart home, but rather a smart world with phones accessing nearly unlimited processing and storage in the cloud, cars communicating with other cars and traffic lights to prevent accidents, ultra high-resolution group video calls and collaboration – all connected in real time. How about VR for live events? No need to download the content, you can stream a live basketball game in VR.

But what is 5G doing right now? Operators are already deploying their 5G networks. The first place we’ll see the impact of 5G is in the mobile space. Smartphones will be 10x faster. That means streaming movies can be as common as it currently is to stream songs. Gamers know how much a millisecond matters, which is why they will be excited to hear that gaming will have near-zero latency. 5G also means video streaming and calls will be in 4K instead of the 720p we normally get today.

All of this is starting in 2019.

How do you get in on this revolution? You’ll need a 5G phone. Devices powered by Qualcomm Technologies are coming out in the first half of 2019, so stay tuned.

Learn more: qualcomm.com/5Gnow

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