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Yamaha R-N803 review

With excellent sound, a vast array of streaming options, and custom room tuning software built-in, Yamaha’s R-N803 is an audiophile option that won’t bankrupt your vacation fund. See Full Review »

Our Score 9

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Marantz SR6004 Review

  • Superb sound
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • 7.1, multi-zone and bi-amp capable
  • Pro-Logic IIz support
  • No THX processing
  • Only one S-Video input
Our Score 9.5

Denon AVR3310CI (AVR-990) Review

  • Powerful
  • balanced sound; easy setup and configuration;…
  • HD and satellite radio capable; 3-zone capable
  • Portions of user interface confusing; missing some…
Our Score 8.5

Yamaha RX-V2065 Review

  • 130 watts into seven channels
  • Very good graphical user interface
  • HD Radio tuner
  • Ethernet connectivity (DLNA certified)
  • Two HDMI outputs
  • Digital audio output (optical only)
  • Front-panel HDMI and USB inputs
  • Two remote controls
  • iPhone app
  • No video signal processor
  • Non-assignable digital audio inputs
  • Can’t pair HDMI video with multi-channel analog…
Our Score 7

Onkyo HT-RC180 Review

  • Great sound; THX Loudness Plus; five HDMI inputs;…
  • No multi-channel analog inputs; no digital audio…
Our Score 7.5

Yamaha RX-V665 Review

  • Four HDMI inputs; 1080p upscaling calibration mic…
  • No front-panel digital-audio input; can't send…
Our Score 8

Sherwood RD-7503 Review

  • Three HDMI inputs; decodes Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD…
  • No video or digital audio inputs in the front…
Our Score 7

Marantz SR6003 A/V Receiver Review

  • Supports many connection types; easy to use; power…
  • Minor iPod Video glitch; DISP button caused…
Our Score 9

Pioneer Elite SC-07 Receiver Review

  • High-tech Class D amplifier technology; MCACC…
  • Clunky remote control; no HDMI video processing.
Our Score 8.5