Sleeping Dogs – Undercover: Hong Kong trailer

The team at United Front Games explains why they chose the city of Hong Kong as the setting for Sleeping Dogs. They also talk about some of the research that the studio did to get a feel for the city and try to bring an authentic feel to their recreation. Part of the appeal of Hong Kong for the developers is that it is a city where the cultures of East and West mesh, and the borders are somewhat fluid between the two. 

It’s interesting see who the group talked to to find out about the Triads and their relationship with the police, citizens and how the group affects the city. 

The backstory for the game is interesting as well. It started out as True Crime: Hong Kong which was slated to be the third in the True Crime series. The original studio behind the True series, Luxoflux, closed in February 2010 and the property seemed doomed. Then Square Enix stepped in to save the series. They bought the license and pushed it on United Front Games, which eventually turned into Sleeping Dogs.

The game still takes place in Hong Kong, but it now follows the Detective Wei Shen, an officer of the Triad Bureau of Hong Kong Police. Wei gets assigned to an undercover operation where he has to infiltrate the Triad organization called Sun On Yee. Much of the game will focus on Wei’s struggle to stay true to his mission while also trying to maintain his cover by acting as much like the Triad as possible.

Sleeping Dogs is set to hit store shelves on April 29 on Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3.