Smart Cities

Cities across the globe are installing technology to gather data in the hopes of saving money, becoming cleaner, reducing traffic, and improving urban life. Digital Trends regularly examines how smart cities deal with everything from energy management, to disaster preparedness, to public safety — and most importantly, what it all means for you.

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Quit honking! Mumbai tests traffic signals that stay red if you hit your horn

The Indian city is testing an ingenious idea that forces drivers to wait at lights if they lay on their horns.
Heavy traffic in Mumbai.

Where is 5G available? This 5G network map has the details

5G may not be widely available just yet, but it's slowly getting there. Our exclusive map shows all the cities where 5G is currently available.
Qualcomm 5G at CES 2019

FedEx’s autonomous delivery robot sent packing by New York City

FedEx's delivery robot only made a short trip as part of a promotion, but when New York City officials learned about the outing, they sent the machine packing.

Cities looking to get smart take a lesson from an iconic shopping mall

From Disney World to the Mall of America, public venues are becoming microcosms for smart city projects. We dove into both, to show what government officials can learn – and what you can expect from your city.
bluetooth beacons and rfid bands the mall of america is a really smart city moa north entrance 2