Why smart lighting is essential for your family home

Why smart lighting is essential for your family home

smart lighting for your family home

When it comes to relaxing at home with the family, setting the right mood is essential. One of the easiest ways to make an impact on a room, your mood, and even your at-home routine is with lighting. Soft, comforting lighting can help you unwind with the kids, settle down for movie time, or slip into a comfortable sleep. Brighter white light can also help you wake up and stay focused on your chores. And, that’s just the start.

Smart lighting has arrived on the scene, offering you the solution to toggle between different types of light and set custom schedules for when and how the lights turn on and off based on your routines. You can install white lights that enhance your sleep cycle, colored bulbs that are perfect for entertaining, and even motion-enabled light switches that save you from grasping for the switch when your arms are full of groceries. The growing line of smart lighting products from C by GE can help connect your bulbs through an app or your favorite voice assistant, so you can control your lights even when you’re away from home.

It’s never been easier to make your lighting smart. Here are some of the easiest places to start:

  1. Tunable White LED Smart Bulbs: Set light that’s just right for work time, movie time, or anytime in between in the same bulb. GE’s Tunable White Light bulb can emit a wide spectrum of white light to sync up with any mood. The “cool white” options are perfect for those early hours when it is time to kick start your body ahead of a busy morning of getting your kids dressed and to the bus stop on time. “Soft white” is the best fit for keeping your stress levels low as you hustle through your daily chores while keeping the kids entertained. When it is time for a bedtime story, nothing helps your eyes relax like the bulb’s warm amber light. Change scenes with a touch of a button in the C by GE app or by using your voice with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.
  2. Full Color bulbs: Whether it’s pulling in the colors of your favorite sports team for a party, or setting the room to your kid’s favorite color for some extra motivation. GE’s full-color bulbs have millions of colors and whites to choose from. You can even get creative with schedules for the family, such as setting your child’s lights to change green at a certain time on the weekend, indicating it’s okay to come out and bug mom for breakfast. In addition to traditional shaped bulbs and bulbs perfect for recessed cans, you can also get customizable light strips for use under cabinets and around other areas. All of these lights can also be synced up with the rest of GE’s smart products, so you can control them via app or with your favorite voice assistant. Whether it’s red for turning the floor into lava or blue for turning your living room into an underwater realm, this bulb is a must-have for bringing extra fun into playtime.
  1. Smart Switch: Being a parent means constantly having your arms full – often full of toys, snacks, pets, and kids at the same time. So it makes sense to upgrade the lights in your home with a switch that doesn’t need hands to control. Included in the C by GE smart switch offering is a switch with a built-in motion sensor, so when you walk in with those groceries, the lights automatically turn on. This is also great in the bathroom to keep germy hands off the switch! All of the C by GE switches, including affordable on-off and dim versions, make any bulb smart, so even if you don’t have smart bulbs installed, you can control existing bulbs on schedules, anywhere with the app and with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant.
  2. Smart Wall Plug: This plug-in device makes nearly any electrical item smart. The Smart Plug works with any lamp to turn your lights on/off and dim them wirelessly, but you can also use them to control devices like flat irons – so when you’re scratching your head at work wondering if you turned these products off, you can simply check and turn them on or off with a touch of the button anywhere you are.