This Valentine’s day, is it time to tell your Twitter crush you care? Well look no further!

twitter anonAlright, desperate Valentine’s Day Forever Aloners, put down that tub of ice cream and turn off that Taylor Swift song – it’s gonna be OK. If you’ve found yourself without a date yet again this year, why not look to social media to turn your sorrows into someone’s smile? With You So Fu*king Hot (which comes from the same brains behind the anon Twitter service Can’t Tweet This), you can use this single-purpose Twitter to anonymously send compliments to your Internet crush.

you so fucking hot twitterThe site is essentially just a logged-in Twitter account you can use to tweet at another user, so you don’t have to use your own. Of course, thanks to the nature of what the Twitter handle is called, the tweets doled out are often ironic, filled with LOLspeak, written in broken English, and just plain old representative of the Internet and its crazy, creepy ways. There’s no best way to describe this phenomenon, so just have a glimpse at the screencap on the right for an illustration.

Alas, not all tweeters come with odd compliments. A quick scroll down the feed and there are some cute tweets to be had.  “You’re sweeter than fresh-brewed iced tea with a side of ice,” writes one anonymous tweeter. “I would never pick your brain but I would pick your heart,” tweets another. Aw, you guys!

Before you send out a tweet, however, the site instructs you to use the service “nicely,” and not to launch troll attacks via the account instead. It’s not quite clear who is moderating the service or if anyone is doing so at all, but so far, there are little to no abuse spotted. Yeah, we’re surprised at the lack of Valentine’s Day bitterness on here, too. I guess we can have nice things.