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The inevitable happens and BangWithFriends gets the App Store boot

bwf iosIf you want to use BangWithFriends, the scandalous Facebook booty call app, don’t look in the Apple App Store – it was just banned.

The App Store has a history of nixing apps at the first whiff of R-rated materials – it ex-nayed Vine at one point during its porn debacle – and it appears BangWithFriends is no exception, even though there’s nothing explicit on the app itself. BangWithFriends had a very short tenure in the App Store, since it just released its Apple and Android mobile apps last week. A BangWithFriends spokesperson commented, saying, “We’re working with Apple to get more information on it and figure out how we get back on the App Store.”

This is the second recent blow to BangWithFriends, since it recently had a security snafu when a loophole that let everyone see which of their Facebook friends were using the service if they signed up before January surfaced. Since BangWithFriends relies on the promise of anonymity to attract users, that was a big problem. After all, one of its taglines is “Completely private & discreet until both friends are down to bang.”

And not being available for Apple, the premiere mobile app destination, is definitely going to put a cramp in their style. It’s still available through Google Play for Android devices, but since BangWithFriends targets the key 18-to-24 demographic Facebook wants to preserve, it’s bad news that the iPhone remains a premiere device for the young and horny.Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 3.24.26 PM

BangWithFriends is still doing quite well for itself, since it reported over 900,000 people signing up for it, with 200,000 successful matches – most of those taking place before the advent of its mobile apps. But since Apple downloads will inject even more new users into the mix, it’s important they fix this fast.

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