Celebrate Hallowmeme with one of these truly iconic, Internet-inspired costumes

Last week we showed you a few ways to do Internet-inspired costumes the wrong way. It’s a fine art: You have to walk the line between showing you’re aware and appreciative of Web culture, as well as witty enough to come up with a creative costume in homage … and looking like a crazy recluse whose only social engagement comes courtesy of Reddit forums and Imgur galleries.

We know, it’s an inward struggle we’ve also dealt with.

But there are a variety of ways in which you can represent yourself as the former this Halloween – because you’ve done Waldo too many times and being a sexy [insert literally any object here … how about a stapler? Yeah, a sexy stapler] again won’t impress anyone (or anyone worth impressing).

Just for the love of all things good, whatever you do … don’t go as Miley Cyrus. That’s a low bar. 

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